products & services

Facade Design and Engineering


  •   provides a full design, engineering, planning and consulting solutions that is related to the aluminum curtain wall and architectural cladding business. 

aluminum extrusions


  •  we are able to supply your requirements on different shapes with  A wide variety of surface finishes and colours are available.  

insulated glass


  • Supply of  double and triple glassing panels vacuumed or gas filled as per specification with value engineering for extra savings  

Float & Low E glass


  • supply of float clear, tinted, reflective glass along with low glass , all different sizes & shapes 

Extruded rubbers and gaskets


  •  supply  variety of custom extruded rubber products including rubber gaskets, seals, bumpers and a variety of other applications. 

Laminated & security glass


  • supply of different combination of  Laminated bullet proof glass and special security glass combinations to meet your needs 

Decorative Glass


  • Supply of different kind of art glass, fusion glass, and any kind of decorative custom made glass 

Aluminum & glassing machinery


  • Supply  of glass and aluminum machinery and equipment in addition to assist in the best layout  at your work shop to maximize production   

Fabricated louvers & sunshades


  • Supply of custom fabricated louvers & sunshades as per your specifications and contract requirements meeting your budget   

fabricated handrails


  • Supply of special ready made handrails sections and systems , and customized handrail solutions to meet specification and contract requirements

Glass Wall systems


  • Supply of complete glass wall systems with all materials and accessories as per design , personification and contract documents   

composite panel cladding


  •  Supply of aluminum composite panels and decorative materials,  aluminum cladding for residential, commercial, and industrial projects.